Data Sharing & Analytics

Data Sharing & Analytics


APHSA's Comment Letter to SAMHSA, on the 42 CFR Part 2 NPRM



The National Collaborative's Analytics Committee (NCAC)

  • On December 17, 2015, the Committee released the 2015 Roadmap to Capacity Building in Analytics, a white paper building upon the Committee's 2014 Analytic Capability Roadmap 1.0 for Human Service Agencies (see below). The 2015 Roadmap provides information on:
    • Analytical capabilities required for successful analytical efforts;  
    • Skill sets as well as governance structures & change management processes for such efforts; and
    • Practical examples of existing solutions across public and private health and human service sectors. 
  • In April, 2014, the Committee released the Analytic Capability Roadmap 1.0 for Human Service Agencies. The Roadmap provides human service agencies with a starting point for defining what analytics in human services means, and helps them assess current (analytic) capability upon consideration of developing an analytic strategy to help meet their organizational objectives and measure outcomes across programs.
    • On June 2, 2014, the Analytic Committee members reviewed the elements of the Roadmap, and provided examples of where state & local jursidictions are on the Analytic Capability Curve.  Slides


Examples from the Field

  • Using Business Intelligence to Understand Your Data & Measure Impact: Insights from One State's Health Analytics Project (December, 2014)
    • Audio | Slides
    • The VA Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Services' set out to understand the data required to measure and report on the goals of community integration, self-determination and quality services. Specifically, how reporting would demonstrate the Commonwealth's compliance with the ADA and Olmsted. Hear about the specific data reporting requirements for demonstrating these goals and the overall framework used for identifying & reporting this data.
    • Speakers: Peggy Balak (DBHDS, VA HHRA); Megan Lape (APHSA); Julie Richards (CGI)
  • Examining the Impact of Interoperability on Client, Organizational, and Population Health Outcomes (September, 2014)
    • Slides
    • This webinar highlights one county's approach using an Integrated Case Management Solution, inclusive of both ROTI & SROI methodologies and an Intensive Teaming Protocol for health and human services staff, being implemented in the county's Transitional Age Youth and Homeless Service programs. 
    • Speakers: Uma Ahluwalia (Montgomery County Department of H/HS, Maryland), Lisa Cawley (Accenture), Jerry Friedman (Accenture), Megan Lape (APHSA), Harold Lehman, MD, PhD (Johns Hopkins School of Medicine)
  • Data Integration across Human Service Agencies: Building Capacity & Promoting the Use of Evidence (July, 2014)
    •  Slides
    • This webinar highlights perspectives from the public & private sectors on data integration practices in and across health and human service agencies.
    • Speakers: Erin Dalton, Allegheny County Department of Human Services, PA; Howard Hendrick, Accenture; Megan Lape, APHSA; Mike Wirth, Virginia Health & Human Resources Agency; Fred Wulczyn, Chapin Hall/University of Chicago & the Center for State Child Welfare Data
  • Advancing Integration through Analytics (June, 2014)
    • Slides
    • Based on APHSA/NWI's Analytic Capability Roadmap 1.0 for Human Service Agencies, this webinar provides information around what is meant by analytics in the context of human services, introduce the NWI Analytic Capability Assessment Tool, and discuss strategies for agencies to consider when thinking about using analytics in meeting their organization objectives and measuring outocmes across programs.
    • Speakers: Rick Friedman, Health & Human Services Consultant; Howard Hendrick, Accenture; Elena Nicolella, Executive Office of H/HS Services, Rhode Island; Dave Towne, Health Consultant; Mike Wirth, VA Health & Human Resources Agency
  • Seizing the Opportunity for Transformation Using Big Data Analytics in Human Services (May, 2013)
    • Audio | Slides - Moderated by Molly O'Neill, Vice President and Initiative for Collaborative Government Senior Fellow, CGI
    • Industry experts discuss the myths involving data analytics and how these innovations have been evolving overtime. This webinar also highlights how government agencies can get started with utilizing data to help inform their service delivery reform efforts and the creation of new performance metrics, as well as how data analytics can generate cost savings.
    • Complementary White Paper: Seizing the Opportunity for Transformation Using Big Data Analytics in Human Services (May, 2013)This paper discusses what big data means for health and human services, reports on signs of early success in state government, and identifies additional opportunities for big data in the public sector. It also provides a useful guide for getting started with big data.
  • Challenges & Solutions to Data Sharing (October, 2012)
    • Audio | Slides - Moderated by Doug Howard, Vice President, Human Services North America, MAXIMUS
    • This webinar highlights efforts of the Department of Health and Human Services of Montgomery County, MD to ensure and incorporate data sharing into practice through policy, training for staff and business associate agreements for contractors. It also highlights work out of Illinois on the continuous development of the state's Health Information Exchange and some of the challenges being faced relative to data sharing, particularly around consent-management.




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