How to Communicate Effectively Through the Media During Emergencies – World Health  Organization:


Handbook - Effective Media Communication during Public Health Emergencies – World Health Organization

The handbook describes a seven-step process to assist officials and others to communicate effectively through the media during emergencies.


Field Guide – Effective Media Communication during Public Health Emergencies –World Health Organization

The field guide is a shortened version of the handbook. It highlights the practical aspects of the seven-step  approach.


Wall Chart – Effective Media Communication during Public Health Emergencies –World Health Organization

The chart shows the seven-step approach and provides easily recalled key information and advice.


How to Develop Media Relations In Rural Areas

This is a resource created to help directors, administrators, and supervisors from rural child welfare agencies assess and expand their ability to communicate with community stakeholders using the  media.


How to do a Press Conference

This document provides instructions on how to hold a press conference from notification to follow-up.


How to Meet with Newspaper Editors

This document not only explains what you can expect when meeting with the newspaper editorial boards, but also how to set up a meeting, prepare for the meeting, what to do at the meeting and how to close the  meeting.


How to Write a Press Release

The instructional document gives instruction on how to format a press  release. (How to Write a Press  Release)

This site gives the basics on press release content, tips, sample press release, formatting suggestions and press release templates.


Example - Agency Profile for Inclusion in Press Kit – Allegheny County Department of Human Services

A document produced by the Allegheny County Department of Human Services that gives a profile and information about the agency for the media.


Example - Editorial Guest Column Submission by Foster  Parents

A sample editorial guest column article that can be submitted from a foster parent to highlight positive  experiences.


Example - Media Information Request Form

This is a form created by Allegheny County Department of Human Services that can be signed by individuals or parents that grants the agency permission to publish their information in media in varying  degrees.


Example - Media Policies for Media Contacts – Allegheny County Department of Human  Services

This is a document issued by the Allegheny County Department of Human Services, office of community relations stating the policy and protocol for DHS employees when dealing with media.


Example - Media Policies for Staff Media Involvement

This document provides a sample policy that can be adopted by an agency to provide guidlines for staff when dealing with media inquiries directed to the agency from all media sources.


Example - Op Ed Piece on National Foster Care Month

A sample of an op-ed that can be printed in a newspaper for National Foster Care  Month.


Example - Press Release for Foster Parents Needed

A sample press release to recruit foster parents. You can customize this press release by inserting quotes from your agency director, staff, foster parents or children.


Example - Radio Press Release for Foster Adopt Recruiting

A sample press release/radio script for recruiting foster  parents.


Example - Short Radio Spot Script for Recruiting Foster  Parents

A short radio spot script to solicit foster parents during the National Foster Care Month.


Example – Statement of Permission Form – Allegheny County Department of Human  Services

This form is used by the Allegheny County Department of Human Services granting the agency to include the signer in their publications and/or media.


Example – TV Media Campaign Plan – Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family  Services

A sample three-month media campaign plan by the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services and a TV station that communicates the context, goals, activities and deliverables.


Recommendations for Journalists Interviewing Young People from Foster  Care

Ten recommendations for journalists interviewing young people from foster care created by FosterClub.


List of Roles and Responsibilities of those in Media

Lists and defines all the players involved in daily newspapers, weekly newspapers, television and news bureaus and wire  services.



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