How to Plan and Implement Heart Gallery and Adoption Day  Campaign

Heart Gallery and Adoption Day is a special event that can be used to bring greater attention to the need for safe temporary and permanent homes for children. The website provides information including history, examples, and planning and implementation resources.


Example - Confidentiality Agreement Form for Volunteers

A sample formal contract that a volunteer must sign acknowledging that they understand the need to respect client and agency confidentiality.


Example - Editorial Guest Column Submission by Foster  Parents

A sample editorial guest column article that can be submitted from a foster parent to highlight positive  experiences.


Example - Op Ed Piece on National Foster Care Month

A sample of an op-ed that can be printed in a newspaper for National Foster Care  Month.


Example - Press Release for Foster Parents Needed

A sample press release to recruit foster parents. You can customize this press release by inserting quotes from your agency director, staff, foster parents or children.


Example - Preventive Pieces Publications – Home Alone is Your Child Ready – Allegheny  County

A sample educational publication on children being left at home alone. Published by the Allegheny County Department of Human Services.


Example - Preventive Pieces Publications – Parenting 101 Preventing Child  Abuse

A sample educational publication for new parents or parents that are expecting on preventing child abuse. Published by the Allegheny County Department of Human Services.


Example - Proclamation of National Foster Parents Month

A sample of a proclamation that agency or government leaders can use to officially acknowledge May as the National Foster Care Month.


Example - Radio Press Release for Foster Adopt Recruiting

A sample press release/radio script for recruiting foster  parents.


Example - Short Radio Spot Script for Recruiting Foster  Parents

A short radio spot script to solicit foster parents during the National Foster Care Month.


National Adoption Month Awareness Campaign Toolkit 2008

AdoptUsKids has created the National Adoption Month Recruitment & Marketing Toolkit to help an agency increase awareness about adoption and to assist efforts to recruit and retain foster and adoptive parents while promoting National Adoption Month in November. This kit contains information on general, targeted and child-specific recruitment and retention, as well as marketing, public relations and advertising strategies. Foster Care Awareness Month - Toolkit

May is National Foster Care Month. This website contains a toolkit that offers some practical ideas, tips and easy-to-use templates

to help plan for the celebration and help raise awareness and secure more support for children and youth in foster  care.


Calendar of Possible Awareness Campaigns

A list of possible awareness campaigns, suggested activities, and related resources organized by month.

A website of resources by the Council for Children and Families in Washington State for child abuse prevention  month.

A website by a male survivor of childhood abuse and the issues he faces in adult  life.

A website by a female survivor with news about child abuse from around the  world.

An anti-child protective services activist website.

FosterClub is the national network for young people in foster care. Built on a dynamic social network platform using Web 2.0 unctionality, it provides a means for young people to connect in a safe, monitored environment. The website also serves as a hub  f information relating to foster care, including articles, question and answers, message boards, contests, discussion of foster care 

opics, and even biographies of famous people who grew up in  care.

This site allows you to sign up to have amber alerts sent as a text message (SMS) on your cellphone.



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